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Sparkus Tinaquer Mutt was born somewhere in the Canal Area in the Republic of Panama. As the third puppy in a litter of six full-fledged mutts, Sparkus never knew his dad, but his mom was a trooper. He earned his dogtorate from the Canal Zone Canine College and did his internship as a canine therapist for the pet population in and around Corozal Vet Clinic.

He is now semi-retired from chasing garbage trucks and dodging thunder. Sparky, as he is affectionately known, dedicates his time to answering letters from disgruntled canines, felines and homo sapiens in his advice column in the Cultural Section of The Panama News online. 

Read Dr. Mutt's column and learn to enjoy life as you should!

Dr. Sparkus T. Mutt, Canine Therapist

Dr. Mutt, relaxing